Photography most often delivers the first impression of a hotel to a potential guest. Our dramatic exteriors and properly lit interiors will invite your guests and investors into the welcoming comfort of your property, its amenities and guest rooms.

the Process

Advanced light painting and composting techniques are often employed to appropriately light a room while retaining exterior views. Although every hotel chain has its own photography standards and style that must be met to achieve the client's goals.

Fairfield Inn Old Town | San Diego, CA

Various methods to light and shoot a hotel room

Most hotels and hotel chains have photography standards that must be met or photos can be rejected. These standards can include guidance on composition, lighting technique, and what can and cannot be included in a photo. It's important for a hotel photographer to be experienced and aware of a brand's current style and standards.

Multiple light sources, light painting and composting.

Fairfield Inn Old Town | San Diego, CA

Natural light only. All lamps and light sources turned off.

JW Marriott | Houston, TX

Ambient + natural light. Lamps on but no other lighting added.

Sheraton Music City | Nashville, TN


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A native of Atlanta and graduate of the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design, Zach practiced as a registered landscape architect on the Georgia coast and in metro Atlanta before merging his creative passions to form Rolen Image Architectural Photography in 2008.